Off he goes!

This won’t be my longest blog or my best for that matter but I felt that it would be wrong if I didn’t mark Rishi’s return to nursery with something. It seems like quite a big thing in this whole lockdown situation!

Rishi’s last day at nursery was 16 March. That night I had a fever and developed a cough and so we went into isolation. The following week I am sure that we will all remember that Boris Johnson announced that the country was going into lockdown. It was expected but I remember sobbing, so sad that I couldn’t see my mum and dad and also panicked at how we were going to cope with two small children without any support – because that’s definitely not how we had planned it.

We delayed his return to nursery because there wasn’t an urgent need for him to go back. I’m on maternity leave and we just didn’t feel comfortable sending him back before Rishi had seen his grandparents and also because we had a special trip planned for Krishna’s birthday. I don’t think there’s a best time to take the plunge but we did it this week, especially when we have adhered to the guidelines so rigidly, it feels like we are really opening ourselves up.

I know he needs to be with other children, it’s truly heartbreaking seeing him just stop and stare at other children and then if they come too close, he runs to us. We have been spending so much time telling him to “stay away because of the germs” that I feel so sad for him. I know he will adapt, I know it will improve but it’s just so sad seeing him that way. I’m almost jealous now that he’s going to be going to nursery and making so many new friends when I miss all my friends so much.



As much as I have found lockdown so so hard, and to be honest I’m finding the easing almost more difficult, Rishi and Jamie have made my life so busy and full, they have bought laughter and happiness to our lives when the world has seemed pretty gloomy. The time has taught me so much about being a mother and I have to remember how fortunate I have been to have all of this time (which I had never anticipated) with my boys.

So, to my biggest little man, thank you for the laughter, the love, the water fights, the baking, the daily walks, the endless Thomas questions, the puzzles, the games, all of the books, building blocks and everything else in between. I’ll try and make the little time in the morning and evenings extra fun!

Go play your heart out!



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