Ten things I’ve learnt from being on holiday with Baby Rishi…

1. Apply lotion: I’m fanatical about Rishi and the sun, meaning I’m all about sun suits, sun shades and factor 50. However I rarely remember to apply lotion to myself! So my advice is: buy some of that “apply once a day” stuff and go from there or accept that you’ll get sun burnt!
2. Accept odd tan lines: as i am still breastfeeding I thought I’d grab some time on the sun lounger and feed in the sun… but wait… with most of my body under the parasol, the tan lines on my legs are all over the place. But sod it, it’s basically October, no-one is going to see my legs for months!
3. Manage your expectations: I like to make the most of my holidays – I once planned a day of activities on a short break to Iceland which required my hubby and I to be awake for 22 hours. That’s not really possible now. I can still see interesting sights and do activities, but I just need to be super organised so that Rishi can still eat, sleep and play along the way. So be realistic in what can be achieved in one day and be organised!
4. A Villa/room with a balcony makes a big difference: for us, this was great. We worked with his naps and playtime. On our chill days, the villa was great for longer naps. We put him to bed safely in the bedroom and we enjoyed our little pool with the baby monitor!
5. Don’t worry if you have forgotten something: unless it’s a favourite toy, it’s likely they will have everything you need there. So don’t sweat it if you’ve forgotten the wipes or nappies – they have babies there too!
6. Be adaptable: basically, bring options for him and you. Bring a sling or carrier and a buggy so you can get around comfortably. One of our best purchases is a snooze shade, meaning he could enjoy naps on the go and be sheltered from the sun.
7. Grabbing some time just for us: When he’s been having a nap, we have made sure to jump in the pool and have time as a couple. It’s in those moments that I remember why we are together in the first place and it enriches the whole holiday experience!
8. Making the space yours: we were lucky as we travelled to a Tots to Travel villa and so we were provided with all the baby equipment you could wish for, including a bouncer, making it a home from home. But wherever you’re staying, set it up like you own it. We had a changing station like we have at home; had a play-mat (the Bright Starts Explore and Go Mat) out (with his favourite toy); had the white noise on and had a gro black out blind for when we needed it.
9. Take a first aid kit: carry a basic first aid kit with you in case you get any bites/scratches or anything else. It will make you feel better knowing you’re prepared and you’ve done your research on what is and isn’t suitable for babies, saves you madly trying to find a pharmacy and use google translate.
10. Have fun: we know our holidays will change as Rishi gets older but we hope we can enjoy each stage (they only come once)! As he’s still so little we were able to go for afternoon cocktails while he played on the sofa with his toys. That probably won’t always be the case but we will have fun whatever we are doing.  At the moment, I love watching his face when he’s staring at the palm trees and the world around him, I just wish I could see the magic through his eyes!

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