Those days…

We all have one of “those days”. We have those days with or without babies, its just one of those things (no pun intended).

You know what I mean though, one of those days when you can’t seem to do anything right… the things that you did yesterday that worked well just aren’t working today and one of those days when the minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days!

I’ve had one of those days today. Rishi hasn’t seemed happy unless he’s feeding or he’s asleep. We haven’t had any nice cuddles or those smiles at playtime. And it’s left me thinking that I was doing everything wrong. Has my milk dried up? Am I too tired? Is he teething? Then you start googling… everything (how did people cope before smartphones?!)… is it normal for a baby to …?! I really think if you looked at my Google history in the last few days you would laugh out loud. Is it normal for a baby to scream and be asleep (yes, apparently it is a real thing)? Is it normal for a baby to cry when he farts? Is it normal for a baby to always look upwards? A random stranger asked me that last one in Sainsbury’s and expected me to know the answer. The thing about my googles is that they actually make me feel better. There’s usually been another mum that has googled the same thing or there’s always an answer in a random forum. At the end of the day, I want what all parents want, I want him to be healthy and happy.

The thing about “those days” is that “those days” will turn into better days. If one day you’re not feeling yourself tell someone, call someone or take a walk with the pram outside (if you feel up to it). If you have help nearby or a helpful other half around, make sure they know that you’re having a bad day and that you and the baby could do with a bit of help.


Because tomorrow is another day, and your achievement is that you made it through another day with your little one. So pour yourself a glass of vino and celebrate the wins!

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