Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….

We have just survived our first little trip away. We opted for a staycation with my parents in Bexhill-on-sea (near Hastings) last weekend. Sunday was definitely my favourite day: the weather was great, we played adventure golf, we shopped, and we even squeezed in a mini-date – stealing an hour for just the two of us at the arcades (turns out my hubby is quite competitive and loves to shout “in your face” over air hockey… true romantic). It hammers home the importance of time as a couple as well as time as a family. That said I was keen to get back to Rishi and check he was ok/ not being too spoilt by his grandparents.

It was also a great road test for our holiday abroad in a few weeks time – helping me work out what we need as “baby essentials” and what, importantly, we were missing! What I have discovered is that even for a long weekend you still need a carload of stuff and the essentials are still essentials whether you’re away for 4 days or 2 weeks. Our next trip away will be interesting trying to fit everything into plane friendly baggage!

It was a weekend of firsts… Rishi’s first time to the seaside, first time to an aquarium, first time on a cable car… and his first cold. Despite the cold, he was on good form for the most part, very happy and had lots of smiles for those around him. The aquarium was a surprising win for a couple of hours … he gazed around at the various exhibits and was really calm and engaged and seemed to enjoy flirting with any passer-by that showed him attention!

I had been really nervous about the holiday – how were we (and Rishi) going to cope? It was a weekend away to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary and so I wanted to make sure that both they and Rishi had a good time. I shouldn’t have worried. We remembered our home comforts. The Groblind I purchased (from a charity shop, a steal at £4.99) proved invaluable to black out our bedroom and we enjoyed nights in with drinks, nice food and games meaning that actually we got some good quality time with my parents! One of his godmothers joined us for one night, which meant Rishi got extra spoilt, with little gifts being presented throughout the holiday from all involved.


That’s not to say that there weren’t any challenges. He was unwell with his cold and woke up every hour one night. After several weeks of through the night sleep it was a bit of a shock to the system (I don’t know how we coped initially… but we did). The car journey home was also quite rough. Rishi has never loved his car seat (no matter how much we entertain him) but this car journey home was like no other. He screamed and cried so much that we pulled over a couple of times. We sang every nursery rhyme we knew (which isn’t many, but usually enough) and I had gone through all the animals I knew for Old Macdonald (by the way, what noise does a rabbit make?! Is it like Hannibal Lecter?!) and at one point I didn’t really know if I was singing for him or for us to drown out the noise. I was totally losing my mind and was at a loss until I googled ‘White Noise for crying babies’. Within 3 minutes Rishi was asleep (and I was 5 minutes behind him, leaving my hubby to enjoy the journey without my back seat driving).

Another thing that has been driven home for me is when you have had visitors (and especially ones that are hands on) you have more people to help look after you and the baby. At one stage we had five adults to one baby, which I’ve decided is actually quite a good ratio! Now it’s back to one-on-one and I have found it hard – I miss the TLC, the extra sleep and the little quality time with my husband. But that’s life I guess. I just love that we are creating new memories and it keeps reminding me to live in the moment and appreciate all the happy times.

I’ll blog on my suggestions for a young babies first aid kit soon (the calpol and snuffle babes were so helpful!)

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