Me and Rishi est 20 May 2018

A280B8E7-428D-4025-8FBB-BCE8AD86DDD0For as long as I can remember I have always wanted children. So when I found out we were pregnant I was on top of the world. At the same time I was shocked, scared and left wondering where this new adventure would lead (for all three of us).

At the age of 35, I was older than I had imagined l would be as a first time mum (but soon discovered it really doesn’t matter). Yes I was exhausted; but so were all the other new mums (no matter what age).

On reflection, I had quite an unrealistic and idealistic view of what maternity leave would entail – full of picnics in the park and basking in the sun. I used to moan about those women that complained about being tired with a baby. To me, they had it all and were lucky. Fast-forward to May 2018 and the birth of my baby boy, Rishi, my perspective has changed a little!

Some of my friends are pregnant and have asked me what it’s like and how life changes. I find it hard to describe what to expect. As best you can (and I’m not saying this is easy or that I always do it myself (I don’t)) … just try to roll with it. Underneath all the parents you’ll meet, you will come to realise we are all just trying the best we can, and that is amazing.

So celebrate the wins (however small) and realise that every day you’ll learn new things and overcome new challenges. One thing I can say is that being a mum is the hardest but best job I’ve ever done.

Given how much Rishi has changed my life I thought it would be fun to chart my new life as a mum, to share any hints, tips and stories to help any new mum on her way on this fab journey.

Rishi has already taught me so much and I cannot wait for all the other fun he has in store for me!




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  1. Laura says:

    Gorgeous Godson and my clever, beautiful friend Emmie alias Yummy Mummy xxx

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  2. Zoë says:

    Babes I swear you said you were going to bake a cake every day…! 😉 I really hope you are not going to hold back on some of the stuff people never tell you, because I have to say your pregnancy and post-natal experience was a total eye-opener for me! Excited for you to be sharing with a wider audience 🙂 xxx

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  3. Lauren says:

    As a mother of two now, I can’t remember what the ‘old’ life was like. That memory is a dot on the horizon to me as a scale up and over the mountain of bizarre uncertainty. Often I perv on childless grownups and their weekend antics. Conversations go:
    Normal human says: “Yeah, went out Friday night, had a few cocktails, got an uber home at 4. Stayed in bed all day Saturday and ordered dominoes and watched box sets”
    Drop mouthed, disheveld mother says: ” Huh…. tell me again and slowly… you didn’t get out of bed???!!!”

    Currently on third poop of the morning with my 4 month old and it’s only 10am. Literally elbow deep in shit and single handedly destroying the planet with disposable nappies and throw away wipes in order to save me 10 mins of precious far time.
    Welcome to motherhood.
    💪✊ solidarity in numbers ladies (and gents)
    But, wowzers these kids are worth it, hey! X

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